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JAMES BEHRENS: Enjoy the little things in life because they are the most important

Miles after miles of highways zig-zag, crisscross, twist and overlap all across our country. I suppose that someone has figured out a rough estimate of how many miles they all add up to.. Along all those miles are billboards that advertise everything from restaurants to funeral homes. The letters

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JAMES BEHRENS: Everything finds its meaning in the cross

The basement of our retreat house has been unused for many years. I venture down there every now and then.. There are many remnants of the days when that area saw more use. There is a washing machine and a dryer. There are shelves on which are arrayed pipes, plumbing

JAMES BEHRENS: Neighborhood shopping district offered an idyllic setting for childhood

The place was called Watchung Plaza. It was a cluster of stores not far from the street where I used to live. We were kids and used to hang there a lot in our high school days.

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JAMES BEHRENS: God created us to love from our weakness and unfinished hearts, lives

The writing of papers in graduate school did not come easily to me. In fact, those first forays into graduate level writing were torture.I struggled with trying to put on paper an intelligent and flowing pattern of words that made sense out of piles of primary and secondary source materials. I wanted the footnotes and quotes to fit into the text as neatly and beautifully as pearls in oysters.

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JAMES BEHRENS: Peace will come, it is the hope of God's promise

"Helluva Town," published by Powerhouse Books, New York, is a collection of black and white photographs taken by Vivian Cherry in the 1940s and '50s. All of the pictures were taken in New York City.

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JAMES BEHRENS: We all know the allure of the resistance to God

A friend of mine wrote to me recently; the letter arrived a few days ago. She writes of many things, among them the family gathering at Christmas, sending Christmas cards, a novel she has finished writing.

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JAMES BEHRENS: On New Year's Eve, our hearts brim with goodness, hope for the future

New Year's Eves are always quiet here at the monastery. I do not know of any monks who stay up through midnight. If there are, they welcome the New Year unnoticed.. Most of us are long asleep by the time the New Year rolls into town.

JAMES BEHRENS: God is with the winner and the loser

I had just missed my train. I stood on the platform watching the rear car as it slowly moved away. I was the only person there -- everyone else had been on time and was on the train.. I stood there. The next train would be coming soon. So I

JAMES BEHRENS: While we grasp for God, He holds us in His hand

Father Matt gave a homily this past Labor Day about creation and the labor of God. It was a beautiful homily in which he mentioned the six days of labor when God created the universe and all that is in it, and then how He rested on the seventh day

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JEFF BEHRENS: Hopefully Winehouse has peace

When someone dies young, the loss of youth adds to the grief felt by those who knew and loved the one who has died.

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